The Necessary Evil Motorcycle Club is a law abiding social club.  It was founded in July of 2011, by a guy who was tired of all the half truths that other law abiding clubs were telling.  He wanted a club that was going to be who they said they were.  A club that was about riding motorcycles, having fun and representing the motorcycle culture in a positive manner.  No games, No pretending to be something they are not, No bullshit and No drama!

The Necessary Evil Motorcycle Club is an independent club and claims no territory.  We are currently located in Western Washington.  We are not affiliated with any other clubs and do not associate with clubs that are involved in illegal activities or that cause problems in the community.  We are not a 1% club and are not trying to be one.  We respect all clubs that respect us.

This club was founded on the idea that there are lots of good people out there who ride motorcycles and are looking to be part of a club.  They want to ride, have some fun and help out in their community, but still recognize that they have families, jobs and responsibilities, that prohibit them from being in other clubs.  There are plenty of clubs out there, but few that are truly law abiding, accept people in all occupations, actually ride their motorcycles and strive to represent all bikers in a positive manner.  It is because of this, that the Necessary Evil Motorcycle Club  was created.