​​​1.   Are you a Cop Club?---  We are considered a "cop club" in the motorcycling community, as we don't restrict membership into our club, based on a person's occupation.  We want members who are good people, stand up for what is right and fit into our group. 

2.   What is the age to join your club?---  You must be at least 21 years old to join our club.  This is because we do go to bars and events with alcohol.

3.   Do you accept people with criminal records?---  We do not accept anyone with a felony conviction.  No exceptions.  We may accept someone with a misdemeanor conviction, depending on the crime.  We will not tolerate any criminal behavior, so members who get arrested, or cause problems will be removed from the club.

4.   Can women be in the club?---  The Necessary Evil Motorcycle Club is a man's club.  Our wives/girlfriends are part of a support group called the "Evil Necessities."  The Evil Necessities ride with us, party with us and support our club activities.  We do not allow women to join our club, nor do we have other women hanging around our club, as we do not want our club to be dating service or a place for biker groupies.

5.   Can Evil Necessities ride their own bikes?---  We do not allow women to ride with our club.  Our wives/girlfriends ride on the back of our bikes.

6.   What kind of bikes do you allow?---  Most of us ride Harleys.  We do allow other cruiser style bikes, but would prefer guys ride Harleys or other American made bikes.  We do ride a lot, and expect members to have bikes that run and are regularly maintained.  

7.   Are you guys like the 1% clubs?---  We are not a 1% club and are not pretending to be one.  Those clubs are full-time clubs.  We are not.  We all work and have other commitments that come before club-life.  We are serious about riding and having fun, but our club is not and will never be like the 1% clubs or their support clubs.  Anyone looking for that type of club should not consider our club.

8.   Are you guys real bikers?---  Some people would probably describe us as Rich Urban Bikers (RUBS) or Wannabee Bikers and that is okay with us.  We are not trying to be a traditional motorcycle club and are not going to pretend that we are.  We know who we are and what we stand for and that is all that matters to us!

9.   Do you have trouble with other clubs?---  We try to get along with everyone within the motorcycle community.  We recognize that we will not be accepted by all the clubs and that's okay.  We will continue to try to fit into the community as best we can.  We will show respect to all clubs and expect to receive respect in return.

10.   Do I have to prospect into your club?---  We do have a hang-around and prospecting period.  This is necessary for us to get to know you and for you to decide if being in a MC is the right thing for you.